Here's how to get involved in making a difference to the people of North Korea! You can:

- Learn all about North Korea, and then learn even more about North Korea and what's being done to change the situation at the LiNK website

- Come along to one of our upcoming fundraisers- either a craft class or a movie night- and help raise much-needed funds to support my LiNK Nomad Project (whilst also having a great time!)

thatLiNKproject is hosting two fundraisers- a Craft Class and a Movie Night. Come along! (click on the flyers to enlarge them)

- If you can't come along but still want to make a difference, donate! Even $5 can make a difference, and most of us have that to spare. I'm accepting donations of all sizes for my Nomad Project via PayPal- simply click on the link below! (EFTPOS, Bank Cards, Credit Cards and PayPal Account payments are accepted)
Donate to thatLiNKproject 
via PayPal

- Speaking of donations, LiNK are always looking for one-off and longer-term supporters to help more people escape from North Korea and start new lives elsewhere.

- Become a follower of thatLiNKproject to stay up-to-date with what's happening

- Spread the word! Let your friends and family know about how much the North Korean situation has shocked you, point them to the LiNK website, or grab them by the wrist and bring them along to one of the fundraisers!